Welcome to the FuseNG Project Wiki

This wiki provides up to date documentation about FuseNG. The wiki much like FuseNG itself is a direct branch of Fusebox 5.5's Trac Wiki. If you find material that is out of date please correct it or contact the FuseNG group.

Bug Tracker

In addition to providing documentation about the framework, this site hosts the bug tracker for the core files and the website.

Please open tickets here(please be sure to select FuseNG project until i can get that to show as the default...) for any documentation or issues you find as well as any problems you encounter with the core files.

Source Code


SVN is open to the public to read and will have quite a in it so please feel free to read through the SVN Explanation if you feel lost or otherwise intimidated by the Repo.

Collaberation & Community

We want communication about FuseNG to be as simple as the framework. All announcements will, eventually, make it to the Wiki under Confluences News Feature. Enhancements will always be captured in documentation form in release notes and eventually turned into Wiki content. FuseNG's latest breaking news will be through our developer blogs (still need to finalize this for others but Adam has maintained a blog for quite a while) and the mailing list.

Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/fuseng/


FuseNG seeks to provide an easy to use framework that grows as a developer grows. FuseNG trys to be flexible in some areas and stringent in others. The reason for this dichotomy is we don't want FuseNG to get in the way in development but we do seek to provide good guidelines and a helping hand to produce nice maintainable code. Beyond the coding aspect FuseNG is all about community involvement and community ownership, we realize we can not rely on the community all the time and must provide solid leadership. It is our intent to continue to provide 1:1 functionality to Fusebox so long as it does not stray from what we consider good practice for programing, assuming Fusebox ever has any updates.


  • FuseNG Announced - August 2008
  • Fusebox Branched in anticipation of escalating turmoil - March 2008
  • Fusebox 5.5.1 - March 2008
  • Fusebox 5.5.0 - December 2007
  • Fusebox 5.1.0 - February 2007
  • Fusebox 5.0.0 - July 2006

If you download the latest copy from SVN, you'll get what will become FuseNG 1.0. The roadmap plan is to implement support for FuseNG.

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