Know your Tools: Being More Productive in ColdFusion Builder / CFEclipse

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Topics Covered

  1. Teach a man to fish: How to use Eclipse Help
    1. The Welcome Screen: a few things actually work (and are useful)
    2. Help contents -- familiarity with structure
    3. F1
  2. Mylyn
    1. Tasks
    2. Noise Reduction
    3. Context Switching
    4. Context Sharing (if time permits)
  3. Workbench Navigation
    1. Editor fun (especially useful for developing with more than 1 monitor)
    2. Customizing the toolbar
    3. Full Screen
      1. Ctrl-M
      2. Full-Screen Plugin (for Ctrl+M on 'roids --- gives you mega full screen with Ctrl-Alt-Z)
    4. Detached tabs
  4. Keyboard shortcuts
    1. Find links in the Eclipse help under "Workbench User Guide -- Concepts -- Accessibility features in Eclipse"
    2. Resource finding and creation
      1. Ctrl-N  (ctrl-N   ctrl-N  ctrl-N    Get your damn hands off the mouse. File -- New is killing you)
      2. Ctrl-Shift-R    ---  The best damn Eclipse shortcut, period
    3. Editor Navigation
      1. Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDown
      2. Ctrl-E
      3. Ctrl-Q
    4. File Navigation And Manipulation
      1. Ctrl-K and Ctrl-Shift-K
      2. Ctrl-L
      3. Ctrl-Shift-N (CFEclipse Only)
      4. text insertion shortcuts
    5. Showing Views
      1. Alt-Shift-Q, Q
      2. Ctrl-3
      3. Customize!
    6. Mylyn tasks
      1. Ctrl-F9 to find and activate tasks
      2. Ctrl-Shift-F9 to deactivate the current task
    7. Customizing Keys
      1. Window -- preferences -- keys
      2. Ctrl-3 "keys"
      3. Ctrl-Shift-L, Ctrl-Shift-L (to use this, you can't be in the CFEclipse editor window... click in a view and then use this shortcut; does not work in CFBuilder)
    8. MouseFeed
      1. Pavlov + Keyboard shortcuts = MouseFeed

Mylyn Links

Official Links

Mylyn Home Page

Mylyn 3.0 Video (older but excellent)

April 14, 2010 Mylyn Webinar

TaskTop Home Page (TaskTop is mylyn's big brother. Reasonably priced, too)

TaskTop Videos

MXUnit Blog Posts

Why I love Mylyn

My Favorite Mylyn Menu

Linking Mylyn up to Jira (short screencast)

Sharing context with another developer (short screencast)

Creating new Issues from TODO comments (short screencast)

Shortcut Links

Common Eclipse Shortcuts


Resource Navigation

Full Screen and Maximizing screen real estate

MouseFeed Home Page (Eclipse update site is

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