CFObjective 2011 -- ORM Zen

CFObjective 2011 -- ORM Zen -- Marc Esher

A presentation about suffering and enlightenment


The month: June. The weather: hot. Brewfests: too far away. My job:
brand new. My issue tracker: overflowing. Deadlines: looming. My
spirits: sunken.

Why? I had met my nemesis, and it was ORM. Got Artists, got Art? Easy.
Got real-world stuff to do... hey, wait a minute!

We'll explore entity relationship problems in depth, as they are the
heart of ORM and consequently the most frequent source of ORM pain. In
addition, we'll cover strategies for taming the Hibernate session and
general "how do I do this in ORM?" problems that all programmers new
to ORM need to know.

This presentation is my story of suffering through the initial ORM
learning curve and how I finally achieved ORM enlightenment.


Here you go


Here you go


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