Configure and Test the Plugin

NOTE: You've already downloaded the mxunit framework. For the example below to work, create a new project in eclipse named "mxunit" (or whatever) and point it to your mxunit framework install location (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mxunit for example)

When Eclipse has restarted configure and test the MXUnit Eclipse Plugin installation

Finding Tests

  1. In Eclipse, go to Window > Preferences > MXUnit.
    Make sure the paths listed point to your MXUnit intallation and follow the directions listedand click OK.
  2. Open the MXUnit View
  3. Click the Search icon (or hit ctrl-f):
  4. Type PluginDemoTests. Click OK
  5. It'll take a few seconds to start up if this is the first time running the tests. You'll then get an eclipse Error. This is expected, because InvalidMarkupTest.cfc is a bad file. Click OK on the error message.
  6. Each of the test cases in the entire directory of tests will load into the tree. It does <em>not</em> run the tests.

Running the tests:

  1. Click the green Play button (or hit Enter).The tests will run.
  2. To see any output from the tests, right click in the tree and select Open test case results in browser. or hit F8. or hit b.
  3. To run all tests again, hit the green play arrow.
  4. To run just the failures, hit the red play arrow
  5. To run just one test or a group of tests, select each test and hold the ctrl key, then press the green plat arrow.
  6. You can can also doublee-click individual tests or top level tests to run those.
  7. To clear all results, click the refresh icon or hit F5
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  1. Sep 17, 2010

    Vikas Patel says:

    Hello friends, On the fifth step of this configuration, I get the error regardi...

    Hello friends,

    On the fifth step of this configuration, I get the error regarding connection to remote facade url.

    It says:

    Could not connect to facade URL.

    Try running this in a browser:


    In console, I get (504)Proxy Timeout error.

    However Above url works perfectly in my browser after giving coldfusion admin password.

    I also provided authentication in project properties for mxunit. (right click on project -> properties -> mxunit)

    Please Help!

  2. Sep 24, 2010

    Vikas Patel says:

    Found solution from

    Found solution from