Install the Eclipse Plugin

Update Site URLs

Eclipse Update Site URL for Eclipse 3.4 and later:

Eclipse Update site for Eclipse 3.3 and earlier:

Detailed Instructions

Doesn't get much easier! Install, Configure, Run ...

  1. Make sure the MXUnit Framework is installed.
  2. Get Eclipse if you haven't already
  3. In Eclipse, go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install
  4. Select the Search for new features radio button. Click Next
  5. Click the New Remote Site button.
  6. Add the url to the URL field. Give it any Name; e.g, MXUnit Plugin. Click OK.
  7. Select All features to be installed. Click Next.
  8. Accept License Agreement. Click Next.
  9. Click Finish on the Install Dialogue.
  10. The plugin will download ...
  11. Click Install All.
  12. Allow the plugin to install ...
  13. Click Yes when prompted to restart Eclipse ...

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