Recommended Reading on Testing

Here are some references that Los Hombres have found useful (Forgive the blatant monetization. All funds will be funneled back into MXUnit):

Don't let the title fool you; this is far from an introduction. It addresses many areas of software testing. Specifically, it presents 36 coverage criteria used in both manual and automated testing. It represents many years of research in the area of software testing and is a great formal and practical overview of the numerous challenges associated with testing software. Note that the authors (Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt) do not pocket any royalties made from sales of the book. Rather, they funnel those funds into a scholarship for software engineering students.

Lasse Koskela presents insightful and practical approaches to testing and Test Driven Development.

The father of TDD, Kent Beck presents the original and revolutionary concepts behind Test Driven Development. A great presentation and a relatively simple read.

A slightly more formal and certainly thorough discussion on common patterns found in unit testing. The section on test smells and the refactoring advice is immensely useful. The chapter on Test Doubles presents a number of interesting perspectives on mocks and stubs.

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