Release Notes

You can get the latest stable version of MXUnit here:

You can get the latest nightly build here:

You can get the latest version of the Eclipse plugin by pointing at this update site:

Framework -- 2.1.1 -- January 17, 2012


  • "OrderedTests" TestDecorator
  • You can now pass "mxunit_root" (a web path) to getHTMLResults()
  • CF7 Compat fixes

Special thanks to Ryan Anklam for the Test Ordering, Andrea Campolonghi for mxunit_root override, and Bob Chesley for CF7 compat fixes

Framework -- 2.1 -- November 12, 2011


  • TestDecorators
  • Array, Query, and Structure deep comparison in assertEquals()
  • Improved Test Ordering

Special thanks to Mark Mandel, Ryan Anklam, and Tim and John Farrar

Framework -- 2.0.3 -- May 5, 2011


  • User-contributed "assertEqualsWithTolerance()" function which adds a tolerance parameter to equality assertions
  • Updated samples/build.xml with hints for using with Jenkins
  • Updated mxunit-ant.jar to log the entire html response to the console if the test run bombs (i.e. 500 error)

Framework -- 2.0.2 -- November 19, 2010


  • added restoreMethod() for undoing method overwrites from injectMethod(). This is particularly useful when using ColdSpring-managed objects in your tests. Inspired by this post 
  • HTML Result tweaks... mostly code cleanup. Also, no need to specify a result type any longer as it defaults to the new HTML output introduced in MXUnit 2.0

Bug Fixes

  • User-supplied patch to JUnitXMLTestResult to properly encode "special characters". Thanks!

Framework -- 2.0.1


  • debug() and request.debug() now support all attributes of cfdump. For example, you can now do: debug(var=mystruct, top=5, label="some label"); This is particularly important when debugging ORM objects
  • Assertion isTypeOf() now considers interfaces

Bug Fixes

  • Core features should now be CF7 compatible.
  • MightyMock behavioral inconsistency on CF8 fixed
  • Components with output=true have been turned to output=false where appropriate. This important fix addresses a memory condition in MightyMock on Adobe ColdFusion

Backwards Compatibility

  • debug() will be backwards compatible IF for calls not using named arguments
  • debug() will now fail if the old (removed) "debugdata" argument was passed like so: debug(debugdata=someStruct); to fix, either change debugdata to "var" or remove the named argument

Eclipse Plugin -- 1.4.5 -- November 26, 2012

  • The "Console" view is now suppressed by default when loading and running tests. Previous behavior can be retained by setting the "Show Console" Preference on the MXUnit Preference page

Eclipse Plugin -- 1.4.4 -- January 15, 2012

  • Added ability to turn off automatic alphabetical ordering of test methods. When disabled, the tests will be ordered in the tree in the order specified by the server

Eclipse Plugin -- 1.4.1 -- March 23, 2011

  • Added "Run MXUnit Tests" to the "Run As" menu. Default keybinding is alt-shift-x, m (you can change that in preferences)
  • Added support for opening files from the "Tag Context" panel when those files are not in projects, i.e. opens from the file system.
  • Thanks Denny for these contributions!
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