Who Uses MXUnit?

Here are some happy users

Animation Mentor
"My work (Animation Mentor) uses it for THE online animation school (sorry had to pump it up there). In fact
I've spent the whole week cleaning up our entire MXUnit set of tests to finally all pass. Keep up the great work!"

Crisp eBusiness
"If you want to do Test Driven Development with CFML, then MXUnit is THE framework to use!"

Figleaf Software

ICF International
"MXUnit is built into our QA/testing process with Hudson. If the tests don't pass, the code doesn't get deployed."

Mach-II Framework

"The Altair Program here at Johnson Space Center NASA is using MXUnit for testing the Extensible Information Modeler (XIM) service application. This set of CF services allow the Altair program to create applications to design the Lunar Lander in very flexible ways under constantly changing requirements. XIM has further been expanded to support the certification of flight readiness (COFR) process of the ISS Payloads group and other NASA programs are in the pipeline. Thus, unit testing of the service layer has become critical and we found
MXUnit to be the best of breed among the available CF xUnit frameworks. It is being regularly maintained, has the best assertion capabilities, and best test output mechanisms. The addition of ant support is an added plus (if you can get NTLM authentication working "

Railo Technologies
"It's the cream of unit testing frameworks in CFML!"

SilverWare Consulting
"It is remarkably easy to get up and running with unit testing in CF using MXUnit. The framework is well designed and full featured, and
the Eclipse plugin makes working with it a pleasure. Equally important is the support available from the development team, who are remarkably
responsive to questions, bug reports and feature requests.

Keep up the great work, hombres!"

It is the most approachable ColdFusion testing framework I have come across!"

Strictly Business Computer Systems
"It's easy, it's free, it's powerful, it's the best of it's kind. There is no reason not to use it."

"MXUnit is bad-ass. Use it. Use it lots."

Warwick Business School staff information portal project
"We're using MXUnit for a first foray into test-driven development. The option to use multiple interfaces gives us great flexibility in how we manage tests both for writing brand new code, and regression checking a monolithic application as we refactor. The simple assertion syntax and built-in support for accessing private methods makes for very quick and natural development."

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