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h5. MXUnit is a proven and robust test framework and Eclipse plugin used by the some of the best ColdFusion developers around the world.

h6. Quick Links

* [What is MXUnit and Why should you use it?|default:Why MXUnit?]
* [Getting Started|default:Getting Started]
* [Download Stable|]
* [Download Nightly Build|]
* [Installing The Eclipse Plugin|default:Install the Eclipse Plugin]
* [The MXUnit Blog|]
* [Eclipse Plugin Update Site|]
* [Github Source Code|]
* [MXUnit 2.0 API|]

h6. Support

* [MXUnit Google Group|]
* [Bug Report or Feature Request|]

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h6. Committers

* Marc Esher ([blog|], Twitter:[@marcesher|])
* Adam Haskell ([blog|], Twitter:[@AHaskell|])
* Mike Henke ([blog|], Twitter: [@mikehenke|])
* Patrick McElhaney ([blog|], Twitter: [@patrick_mc|])
* Randy Merril ([blog|], Twitter: [@Zoramite|])
* Mike Rankin ([blog|], Twitter: [@mike_rankin|])
* Bill Shelton ([blog|], Twitter:[@virtix|])
* Bob Silverberg ([blog|], Twitter: [@elegant_chaos|])
* John Whish ([blog|], Twitter: [@aliaspooryorik|]
{table-cell} !einstein_coding_mxunit.jpg|thumbnail,align=left!{table-cell}{*}License*

Versions 1.x are licensed under [GPL||Copyleft] and versions 2.x are licensed under the [MIT|] open source license.



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