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h2. Update Site URLs

*Eclipse Update Site URL for Eclipse 3.4 and later:* []

*Eclipse Update site for Eclipse 3.3 and earlier:* [|]

h2. Detailed Instructions

Doesn't get much easier\! Install, Configure, Run ...

# Make sure the [MXUnit Framework|Install MXUnit] is installed.
# Get [Eclipse|] if you haven't already
# In Eclipse, go to {{Help > Software Updates > Find and Install}}
# Select the {{Search for new features}} radio button. Click Next
# Click the {{New Remote Site}} button.
# Add the url [] to the URL field. Give it any Name; e.g, MXUnit Plugin. Click OK.
# Select All features to be installed. Click Next.
# Accept License Agreement. Click Next.
# Click Finish on the Install Dialogue.
# The plugin will download ...
# Click Install All.
# Allow the plugin to install ...
# Click Yes when prompted to restart Eclipse ...

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