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Adding MXUnit Snippets To CFEclipse and ColdFusion Builder
CFEclipse and ColdFusion Builder give you the same snippet functionality you know and love from ColdFusion Studio. When you download MXUnit, you get a directory of snippets ...
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Adobe MAX 2010 -- ColdFusion Skunkworks
I was honored to present with Joe Rinehart at Adobe MAX 2010. Our hourlong tagteam was an ode to exploration, learning, discovery, and play. Presentation ColdFusion SkunkworksRinehartEsher.pdf (pdf) Marc's Code (zip) When Joe's code is online, we'll ...
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How cfcomponent output=true can affect memory consumption
TL;DR A single, heavily used component with output=true caused ColdFusion to throw Out Of Memory Errors. Setting output=false solved the problem. Introduction Bob Silverberg and I were trying to tackle a memory problem ...
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How cfloop query= killed a ColdFusion server
Executive Summary How changing a cfloop from a query loop to an index loop eliminated this application's memory problem A process in one of our internal tools takes a while to run. In this case, a specific instance was crashing due to Java Heap ...
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