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Adobe MAX 2010 -- ColdFusion Skunkworks
I was honored to present with Joe Rinehart at Adobe MAX 2010. Our hourlong tagteam was an ode to exploration, learning, discovery, and play. Presentation ColdFusion SkunkworksRinehartEsher.pdf (pdf) Marc's Code (zip) When Joe's code is online, we'll ...
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Creating an EC2 ColdFusion AMI
Why create an AMI? An AMI is an encrypted Amazon Machine Image. When you launch an EC2 instance, you're launching an instance of a previously created AMI. The idea here is that you launch some "base ...
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Launching your first EC2 Instance
Expectations Adjust your expectations. Make no mistake: you are configuring a naked server just as you would if you were configuring a brand new instance in your own environment. You are renting space and compute power from Amazon. Eventually ...
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Running Adobe ColdFusion on Amazon EC2
documentation is a result of the work I did presenting at Adobe MAX 2010 default:Adobe MAX 2010 ColdFusion Skunkworks with Joe Rinehart. Creating an account Creating an AWS Account Launching your first instance Launching your ...
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