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Automation with Jenkins Continuous Integration Server
were originally published as a series of blog posts on the MXUnit blog. They've been brought into the wiki and updated for Jenkins
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CFObjective 2010 -- Continuous Integration with Hudson, ANT, and MXUnit
Download Presentation Materials . These include pretty and printfriendly pdfs of the slides as well as all the code The latest MXUnit nightly build will have the most recent version of the hudsonfriendly ANT file, located ...
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CFObjective 2011 -- Continuous Integration
Session Description Perhaps you have some unit tests. Maybe even an ANT build file that runs your tests. And maybe even a build file that packages or deploys your application. But how do you orchestrate those ...
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Continuous Integration -- Advanced Notification Control
Introduction In an earlier post, I wrote about configuring notifications with Jenkins. This is a followup post to demonstrate how to set up even more finegrained notification control using the Jenkins Email Extension Plugin ...
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Continuous Integration -- Getting Started
series will demonstrate how to set up a continuous integration (CI) environment for ColdFusion projects using Jenkins CI and MXUnit. We’ll cover Jenkins setup, MXUnit test runs and JUnit XML output, and a few notification ...
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Continuous Integration -- Running tests with Jenkins
first installment, I showed how to get Jenkins set up and connected to your SVN server. In this entry, I'll demonstrate how to run your MXUnit tests in a Jenkins project. Assumptions I'm assuming you successfully completed the prior ...
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Continuous Integration -- Setting up Notifications
Communicating Build Results All of the information Jenkins provides is lovely; however, we’re not interested in monitoring the Jenkins interface every time a build runs. Instead, we want to get notified when things change. That’s it: when build status ...
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