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Adobe MAX 2010 -- ColdFusion Skunkworks
I was honored to present with Joe Rinehart at Adobe MAX 2010. Our hourlong tagteam was an ode to exploration, learning, discovery, and play. Presentation ColdFusion SkunkworksRinehartEsher.pdf (pdf) Marc's Code (zip) When Joe's code is online, we'll ...
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CFObjective 2010 -- Continuous Integration with Hudson, ANT, and MXUnit
Download Presentation Materials . These include pretty and printfriendly pdfs of the slides as well as all the code The latest MXUnit nightly build will have the most recent version of the hudsonfriendly ANT file, located ...
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CFObjective 2011 -- Continuous Integration
Session Description Perhaps you have some unit tests. Maybe even an ANT build file that runs your tests. And maybe even a build file that packages or deploys your application. But how do you orchestrate those ...
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CFObjective 2011 -- ORM Zen
CFObjective 2011 \\ ORM Zen \\ Marc Esher A presentation about suffering and enlightenment Description The month: June. The weather: hot. Brewfests: too far away. My job: brand new. My issue tracker: overflowing. Deadlines: looming. My ...
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Presentations, Talks, and Meetups
Los Hombres have given a number of individual and combined talks and presentations both in public and on line. Here're some of the the talks we've given: CFObjective 2012 Beyond CFThread: Advanced Concurrency in ColdFusion CFObjective 2012 Concurrency Zen \\May 17 ...