Why MXUnit?

What is MXUnit?

MXUnit is a unit testing framework for CFML developers, modeled after other xUnit frameworks (JUnit, etc). MXUnit honors the major XUnit conventions but deviates and enhances to provide a more enjoyable, idiomatic CF test experience.

Why MXUnit?

Several fine unit testing frameworks exist for ColdFusion. Why choose MXUnit?

At its core, MXUnit grew around the concept of making things easier for the person writing the tests. We believe people shy away from unit testing because the perception (sometimes justified!) is that it's too inconvenient. We sought to change that.

Convenience features

In addition to convenience features, MXUnit contains all the essential components of any unit testing framework:

Framework Must-Haves

Test Generator for existing components

Eclipse Plugin with built-in help and keyboard shortcuts

Ant Integration

Plugin architecture for creating custom assertions

Many different output formats

  • Basic HTML results
  • ExtJS "fancy" grid results
  • XML results
  • JUnitReport XML results (for use with the ANT task and the JUnitReport Ant Task)
  • Query results

Active Development

  • We're actively developing MXUnit and have more convenience features in the works. A sample:
  • Easier exception testing
  • Easier auto-rollback for tests that access databases
  • JUnit 4 style "Hamcrest" assertions (assertThat(....))
  • Customizable test generation
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