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h2. CFObjective 2011 \-\- ORM Zen \-\- Marc Esher

A presentation about suffering and enlightenment

h3. Description

{color:#000000}The month: June. The weather: hot. Brewfests: too far away. My job:{color}
{color:#000000}brand new. My issue tracker: overflowing. Deadlines: looming. My{color}
{color:#000000}spirits: sunken.{color}

{color:#000000}Why? I had met my nemesis, and it was ORM. Got Artists, got Art? Easy.{color}
{color:#000000}Got real-world stuff to do... hey, wait a minute\!{color}

{color:#000000}We'll explore entity relationship problems in depth, as they are the{color}
{color:#000000}heart of ORM and consequently the most frequent source of ORM pain. In{color}
{color:#000000}addition, we'll cover strategies for taming the Hibernate session and{color}
{color:#000000}general "how do I do this in ORM?" problems that all programmers new{color}
{color:#000000}to ORM need to know.{color}

{color:#000000}This presentation is my story of suffering through the initial ORM{color}
{color:#000000}learning curve and how I finally achieved ORM enlightenment.{color}

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